Director of Sales

Andrew Bonnema

Whether working with industry, acoustic engineers and consultants, or contractors, we’re committed to providing turkey solutions to noise challenges—no matter the size or scope.

A legacy built on results

Parklane was founded in 1992 by Greg Downey, a mechanical engineer with little more than a drafting table and work bench at his home on Parklane Road in Oakville, Ont.

What he did have was expertise and ambition. Greg understood that while legislation requires organizations to manage complex industrial and commercial noise issues, few business leaders knew where or how to begin. So, he set out to build a business focused on developing comprehensive, client-focused noise and vibration solutions. His goal: simplifying what can be a daunting process for most facility operators and project stakeholders.

Keeping you focused

Business owners and facility managers have enough to worry about. We believe that leaders should be empowered to deliver their products or services and grow their businesses without distraction.

Worry-free solutions

Mechanical acoustic problems should never be disruptive—and we’re dedicated to ensuring that organizations can maintain their strategic focus, leaving noise control to us.

Your satisfaction, guaranteed

Absolutely everyone in our company is dedicated to making sure that clients are fully satisfied, and will never back away from a project until the job is done.