Jag Rajasekaran

Meet the Parklane Team: Introducing Jagannath Rajasekaran

This is the fifth installment in our ongoing ‘Meet the Parklane Team’ Q&A blog series.

One of the most exciting aspects of Parklane’s growth strategy is our continued expansion into the U.S. It’s an opportunity to bring our full-service noise and vibration control solutions to an American market that generally lacks that sort of turnkey engineering service experience. More so when we consider that we have the right team in place to make the expansion a success. Everyone—from our engineering and administrative professionals to our fabrication team and installers—is fully embracing the challenge of building the Parklane brand south of the border.

One of the people leading the charge will be Jagannath Rajasekaran. Since joining the Parklane team in February, 2019, Jag has distinguished himself as a leader and top-performing engineer—and now leads our U.S. operations. His extensive knowledge of acoustics and his experience in complementary sectors such as aerodynamics, have helped add a new dimension to our solutions offering. Perhaps most importantly, he leads by example, demonstrating the kind of can-do attitude that inspires his colleagues and our management team, alike. In this ‘Meet the Parklane Team’ blog, Jag discusses his professional background, what he enjoys most about our company culture and that one time he started training for an Ironman triathlon without being able to swim:

Key info

Team member: Jagannath Rajasekaran

Position: Lead Engineer, U.S. operations

Education: Completed an undergraduate Bachelor of Technology degree in mechanical engineering at the National Institute of Technology Silchar (India) and conducted a year of research at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, which served as the basis of his extensive controls and systems analysis expertise. Jag later completed a Masters of Applied Science degree at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies, specializing in experimental aerodynamics.

When he’s away from the office: Jag enjoys biking and spends his leisure time enjoying the outdoors in sunny Florida, the home base from where he leads our U.S. operations. But he’s no stranger to intense exercise, having completed an Ironman Triathlon in 2016. Remarkably, he trained for the race not knowing how to swim and having a fear of deep water. He spent two years swimming in lakes and even tried scuba diving to overcome his underwater anxiety, while working to build cycling and running stamina with the help of two triathlete friends. He would go on to complete the race in 15 hours and 42 minutes, learning a thing or two about himself along the way: “I realized that I have a quality in me to tackle things head on,” he says.

Can you tell us about your professional background?

Once I graduated from university, I worked for a company that builds aircraft engine test cells. I worked for them for nearly six years in multiple roles; first in instrumentation and then in aerodynamics and acoustics before moving on to their research and technology department and handling project management. That experience provided a background in quality control and required me to be extraordinarily meticulous in my work, so nothing was missed.

What’s your current role on the Parklane team?

I’m the engineering lead for our operations in the U.S., with some overlap with our Canadian operations. I’m one of the people that makes sure that all of our engineering designs (acoustics, aerodynamics, structural) are properly addressed in every project. Most of our solutions are custom and built to fit on-site, so every component we design needs to meet a range of specifications.

I also do a lot of vendor management. I figure out what parts we need to procure so we can fabricate them in the shop, or find vendors who can do that fabrication work. Once items are fabricated or acquired, it’s on to installation, which I manage in the U.S.—including quality control.

How does your past experience relate to this current role at Parklane?

My role at Parklane is a subset of what I used to do in prior jobs, where I focused on aerodynamics and acoustics. Now, I’m doing acoustics and HVAC component design. It’s interesting to be on the other side, because before I was the customer who would have purchased from vendors, so I’m able to see both sides of the coin.

I’m able to tap that prior experience every day, but I prefer the pace here at Parklane. Most of our projects span three to four months from start to finish, so they’re fast-paced and exciting. In past roles I could be working on the same project for two to three years, which can become quite monotonous.

What drew you to Parklane?

I’m not just filling one role as an engineer. You wear multiple hats at a small company, so I can use all of my experience and get to know all facets of a project and how the organization operates. Being part of our U.S. expansion, for example, is excellent experience that I’ve never had before. We’re already successful in Canada and we need to replicate it in the U.S. to capitalize on that growth opportunity. The market is significantly larger and if we do it right, we’ll continue to scale up the business. It’s a huge challenge and I’m totally up for it.

What do you think is the most unique feature of Parklane’s culture?

Team work—when someone is in trouble, there’s always someone who wants to jump in and help out. You never feel like you’re alone at Parklane. We’re all problem solvers. If there’s an interesting problem, we take it on.

It’s also a really well-run family company that treats everyone with respect. It’s a very welcoming place to work.

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