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MUMC noise control installation
Noise control

A Parklane Case Study: Mitigating noise challenges at MUMC

As the largest health care facility in Hamilton, Ont., the McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) is a 365-bed hospital that services hundreds of thousands of …

Gravity Barriers
Gravity Barriers

A Parklane Case Study: Proactive noise control solutions for a place of worship

Whenever a commercial or community building is situated close to a residential area, unwanted mechanical noise can pose a major challenge. While rooftop HVAC units …

data center interior
Success Stories

A Parklane case study: An agile approach to data center noise attenuation

Mitigating unwanted mechanical noise at a data center can seem like an impossible mission, one worthy of a blockbuster action film. It’s especially challenging in …

Data center

Data center demand is growing—and so are their mechanical noise challenges

We live in a data hungry world and our appetite is increasing by the day. The demand for faster and more reliable data processing is …


Parklane expands its U.S. presence and services

This past year is one that we won’t soon forget. From sector-wide business disruptions to widespread social and health challenges, virtually every facet of our …


A Parklane case study: Silencer solution caps noise from a condominium air chiller

One of the most significant negative impacts on life in urban environments isn’t merely from higher-profile concerns such as overcrowding, climate change and poor air …