Noise control tailored to your needs

Our Process

Whether handling a relatively minor issue with a simple silencer installation, or scaling up to mitigate challenges across large, complex systems with difficult site constraints, we’re committed to providing custom-engineered solutions to your organization’s noise challenges.

We minimize complexity

Parklane designs, manufactures and installs custom noise-mitigation systems for a full range of commercial and industrial applications. Learn more about our project management systems.


Identifying core deliverables, risk levels and design requirements


Selecting base components and outlining a plan for functional integration


Understanding noise and vibration characteristics and system properties


Providing complete manufacturing, turnkey installation and site management

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Understanding noise/vibration characteristics, system properties and site constraints

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Providing complete manufacturing, turnkey installation and onsite management

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Work with project stakeholders to identify core deliverables, risk levels and design requirements

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Selecting base components and outlining a plan for functional integration

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Scope Evaluation

Detailed project management

At the outset of every engagement, we assign a dedicated project manager—an engineer with technical understanding and installation expertise—as your single point of contact. Our in-house engineering and project-management departments assess and analyze noise control issues, with a focus on everything from constructability constraints to installation logistics. 

Budget Control

Our comprehensive process is designed to minimize the added costs that can often go overlooked as we progress into the  implementation phase.

Project Certainty

Our in-depth analysis ensures that unforeseen risks are discovered and project requirements are accurately scoped out to avoid costly oversights.

Integrated noise control solutions


Our team utilizes the empirical data collected during the assessment phase to develop a customized solution to your noise challenge. Along the way, we look beyond the obvious noise control concerns and develop mitigation strategies that account for critical considerations such as engineering requirements and building aesthetics. 

Rapid Response

An effective approach enables our team to strategize and address a noise issue without delay.

Effective Communications

Our information sharing processes help ensure accuracy and on-time project delivery without errors.

Flexible to meet your needs

Adaptive Systems

We design, manufacture and install noise mitigation componentry with careful attention to all relevant site-specific details. Our solutions can be individually designed to seamlessly integrate with any on-site condition. That means you have total flexibility to customize final output parameters for your noise solution.

Reliable Manufacturing

We manufacture components in-house to your team’s exact technical specifications, avoiding wasted time spent performing on-site rework.

Peak Performance

Our approach cuts the risk of compromised performance or functionality, while delivering effective component connection and structural support.

Customized Delivery

Because no two projects are the same

Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to fit into a project as needed. That often means tailoring our offering to align with existing service-level agreements and client resources. For example, we’ll often be called on to supply componentry to a third-party contractor who will then manage its installation. At that point we leverage our engineering expertise and provide assistance to guarantee the component’s full constructability. That’s only one of the many ways that Parklane services can be customized to suit your requirements

Cost Control

Our detailed product delivery process allows us to conduct a clear cost-risk assessment to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Effective asset allocation

Efficiency is the key to any project’s success. Solution customization minimizes the labour required to deliver your noise-mitigation solution.

“We have very much enjoyed working with Parklane…not only did they provide cost effective solutions to complex problems, Parklane’s professionalism and project management skills were instrumental in achieving a successful resolution for our facility. I would whole heartedly recommend Parklane to other building owners or managers who are being faced with sound mitigation requirements.”


Don’t let mechanical noise disrupt your business

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