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Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouses

Air handling plenums provide space for circulation of heated/conditioned air. They can also provide the dual-pronged benefit of maintenance accessibility between multiple elements in an HVAC system. In a noise control arrangement, acoustically lined plenums provide insertion loss through absorptive dissipation of sound travelling through the mixed air space.

Louvered penthouses act primarily as an open draft weather enclosure over various types of exterior fan arrangements. They can be acoustically retrofitted to provide levels of sound reduction from the enclosed fan arrangement.

PMA Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouses are unique in their functional design, integration versatility and architectural flexibility.


Field-Fit Integration

PMA Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouses can be designed to seamlessly accommodate as-built field conditions through advanced 3D modelling and site metrology practices.

Integral Structure

Structural support can be designed integral to the plenum body to support against various environmental load conditions.

Customized Access

Various means of STC-rated access and egress can be accommodated to suit equipment and/or site-specific requirements.

Engineered Acoustic Louvers

PMA Acoustic Louvers are designed to address varying aero-acoustic performance requirements. Louver assemblies can also be hinged to provide seamless access to the inside of the plenum or penthouse.

Custom Material Selection and Finish

Various material options are available for selection based on environmental conditions, cost efficiency and architectural appeal.

Modular vs. Knock-Down Delivery

Plenums and Louvered Penthouses can be delivered as knock-down kits, or as a monolithic modular system. Modular systems can also include factory installation of various appurtenances, such as dampers, filter racks and interior lighting.



Knock-down systems are shipped to site in loose components for complete onsite field assembly. All knock down systems can be supplied with detailed assembly instructions and clear component labelling.


Modular systems are shipped fully assembled to facilitate rapid on-site installation. Modular plenums and penthouses can be designed with varying degrees of integral structural framework to resist site-specific load cases.


  • Airflow data
  • Required insertion loss
  • Dimensional constraints
  • Future maintenance access requirements
  • Architectural/material requirements

Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouse Applications

Rooftop Condensing Units

Rooftop Condensing Units

Smoke Control Exhaust Fans

Smoke Control Exhaust Fans

Make-up Air System

Make-up Air System

High Plume Dilution Fan

High Plume Dilution Fan

Engine Room Intake

Engine Room Intake

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