Noise Control Solutions

Parklane’s high-performance noise solution product and service offerings can be categorized into six main categories, offered individually or combined to form one integrated system customized to your exact technical specifications. 

Mechanical Noise Control Systems and Applications

Noise Mitigation Solution - Acoustic

Acoustic Barriers and Screens

Mitigate noise emissions from a multitude of sources in one given location.

Noise Mitigation Solution - Silencer

Silencer Systems

Attenuate transmission of sound through heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

Noise Mitigation Solution - Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosures

Implemented when comprehensive system shielding is required to address site-specific noise level criteria.

Noise Mitigation Solution - Plenum

Acoustic Plenums and Louvered Penthouses

Acoustically lined plenums provide insertion loss through absorptive dissipation of sound travelling through the mixed air space.

Noise Mitigation Solution - Vibration

Vibration Mitigation

Mitigating structure-borne vibration concerns through defined source identification, anti-vibration component selection, and final system integration/calibration.

Noise Mitigation Solution - Retrofit

Retrofit for Compliance

Parklane can provide remedial retrofit measures to bring an underperforming system into full regulatory compliance.

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