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Acoustic Enclosures

Among the most versatile noise control solutions, acoustic enclosures are implemented when complete system shielding is required to address site-specific noise level criteria. PMA Acoustic Enclosures are engineered to provide guaranteed sound levels, mitigating both total system sound power and structure-borne vibration transmission.

PMA Acoustic Enclosures can be fully customized to integrate to varying site and equipment arrangements, architectural facades and mechanical system operations.

Acoustic Enclosures

Field-Fit Integration

PMA Enclosures can be easily designed to seamlessly accommodate as-built field conditions.

Collaborative System Design

Through advanced 3D modelling practices, PMA Enclosures can be designed as an integral addition to any OEM equipment arrangement.

Forced Air Ventilation

Internal system ventilation is designed to provide calculated air exchanges through the enclosure, without compromising acoustic performance.

Integral Structure

Structural support can be designed integral to the enclosure body to support against various environmental load conditions.

Customized Access

Various means of STC-rated access and egress can be accommodated to suit equipment and/or site specific requirements.

Engineered Acoustic Panel

The make-up of each acoustic enclosure panel is specifically designed to achieve the required insertion loss measured exterior to the unit.

Custom Material Selection and Finish

Virtually limitless casing material options are available for selection based on environmental conditions, cost efficiency and architectural appeal.

Modular vs. Knock-Down Delivery

Enclosures can be delivered as knock-down kits, or as a monolithic modular system.


Tongue and Groove

PMA T&G Acoustic Enclosures are made up of PMA’s Absorptive Acoustic Panel. The T&G system is selected in circumstances where enclosures can be shipped and installed in one complete assembly, or must be shipped in loose knock-down panels for transportation to site.  The T&G Enclosure style offers a cost-effective solution, while still providing high levels of customizability and sleek architectural finish.

Bolt-Up Modular

The PMA Modular Acoustic Enclosure is designed to accommodate processes that may require periodic disassembly for system maintenance or component replacement. Pre-fabricated wall sections are delivered with all functional elements factory installed, thereby eliminating any on-site flashing or modification during the final assembly.

Clam Shell

The PMA Clamshell Enclosure is specifically designed to seamlessly enclose a mechanical system with inlet and outlet piping already in place. The clamshell assembly is typically shipped in two half sections, with a split line run along the axis of flow. Connection between the two enclosure sections is achieved through a bolted mating flange or industrial clamp assembly.

Snap-Tight Modular

The PMA Snap-Tight Modular Enclosure is a variation of the Bolt-Up Modular model, designed for smaller equipment applications that require frequent disassembly of the enclosure. Wall sections are shipped factory finished and connected via quick-release industrial clamps.


Absorptive – PMA Absorptive Acoustic Panels consist of free draining, non-combustible acoustic media, embedded between a solid sheet metal top skin and perforated metal back skin (steel gauges vary based on application). Conventional profiles are a nominal 2” – 6”.

High Transmission Loss – the PMA-HTL Panel contains added layers of mass to introduce increased transmission loss through the panel medium.

Constrained Layer Dampened – PMA-CLD Panels incorporate a decoupled exterior skin through a constrained damped layer membrane between the two mediums. CLD panels are used when there is a considerable amount of structure-borne vibration transmitted into the panel.

Thermally Broken – PMA-TB Panels facilitate a complete thermal break through the panel body. PMA-TB Panels are more commonly implemented in systems requiring thermal separation between spaces.


  • Source sound power and required mitigated levels
  • Motor horsepower or heat rejection
  • Dimensional constraints
  • Future maintenance access requirements
  • Site location
  • Architectural/material requirements

Acoustic Enclosure Applications

Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

Centrifugal Exhaust Fan

Diesel Generator Indoor

Diesel Generator Outdoor

Automotive Parts Press Indoor

Automotive Parts Press

Positive Displacement Blower Indoor

Positive Displacement Blower (Outdoor)

Positive Displacement Blower Outdoor

Positive Displacement Blower (Outdoor)​

Positive Displacement Blower Outdoor

Positive Displacement Blower (Indoor)​

Garage Ventilation Well Outdoor

Garage Ventilation Well (Outdoor)

Sifting Machine Indoor

Sifting Machine (Indoor)

Natural Gas Generator Indoors

Natural Gas Generator (Indoor)

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