Architectural roof screening system

A flexible solution for any building

Our structure-mounted screening systems can be easily specified to any building type or building capacity constraint—no matter the complexity. Modular engineering and geometric adaptability make our screens an ideal solution across rooftop applications.



It’s a turnkey, agile approach designed to address your engineered product and solution needs.

Structured mounted roof screen
Structured mounted roof screen

Complete design flexibility

structure-mounted Screening Systems

Our team will develop interfaces that effectively integrate Parklane screens with your planned or existing building structure. That could mean engineering an adaptive anchorage system for roof structures types ranging from concrete slab to open-web steel joists. We have screen solutions to accommodate virtually any:

Industry Experts

Our experience spans multiple industries, from large enterprise manufacturing facilities to institutional complexes. No project is too small or too big.

Residential Building Noise Control


Low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise condominium applications

Commercial Building Noise Control


Retail, distribution warehouses, office buildings, big-box retail and hospitality

Hospital Building Noise Control


Hospitals, long-term care homes, universities, colleges and public buildings

Industrial Building Noise Control


Manufacturing facilities, power plants, CHP plants and data center applications

Structured mounted roof screen

Our advantage: speed and flexibility

Parklane structure-mounted screens are the most easily-deployed and structurally sound product on the market. Fully flexible and modular, our roof screening system is the natural choice for the life of your buildings. 

Industry Leaders

Whether working with industry, acoustic engineers and consultants, or contractors, we’re committed to providing turkey solutions to noise challenges—no matter the size or scope.

Visual Screening
Noise Control

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The choice of architects

 Our structure-mounted
screen systems can be customized to suit any design.

We offer an effective and elegant solution to complex rooftop screening challenges. Our standardized modular frame design allows for expedited installation timelines and mitigates the risk of delays, all while reducing the on-site congestion of trades professionals.
Architectural Flexibility
Parklane is able to integrate any commercially available architectural cladding system to the modular framework. This provides architects with complete flexibility to ensure aesthetic alignment of the system, allowing them to blend our structure-mounted screens into the building façade.
Sound Control or Screening
Parklane's structure-mounted screens can be easily interchanged between a standard architectural screen and an absorptive sound barrier. Acoustic elements are tested as per ASTM E90-9 (transmission loss) and ASTM C423-17 (sound absorption), and are rated for exterior application.
Dimensional Flexibility
Our structure-mounted screening systems can be designed to adhere to any footprint requirement or geometric configuration. This ensures OEM mechanical clearances are satisfied and rooftop obstructions are avoided.

“Parklane Mechanical Acoustics were professional, exceptionally organized and collaborated with us to design and install the most economical roof screening available. We highly recommend their services for roof screening and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Shawn E. Turcotte, P.Eng. | Chief Operating Officer

Cladding Options

Parklane structure-mounted screens provide architects with complete flexibility to ensure aesthetic alignment allowing the system to blend into your building or structures building façade.

Standard Noise Control Panels


Choose from a variety of standard metal and aluminum cladding

Louvered Panels


Louvered Panels for a seamless integrated design
Custom Noise Control Panels


Our base structure can support any cladding option

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Structured mounted roof screen