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Parklane wins the TCA’s Best of the Best Award for 2019

We’re proud to announce that Parklane was recently named the recipient of the Toronto Construction Association’s 2019 Best of the Best Award for Project Achievement for our work on a large-scale industrial noise abatement initiative in Toronto. This is the first time that an engineering firm specializing in noise control has won the award—underscoring both the significance of the effort and the outstanding work of our team to deliver a successful outcome on a complex project.

The Best of the Best Awards honour industry professionals and companies from across the GTA that demonstrated excellence in the field in the previous year, through outstanding industry projects, leadership achievements, sector innovations and workplace safety performance.

In this case, we were called upon to help bring a landmark industrial facility with major exterior noise emission challenges into compliance with provincial standards.

Over time, the manufacturing plant—which resides in one of Toronto’s former commercial-industrial districts—was gradually surrounded by residential development. Noisy process componentry prompted complaints from nearby neighbours that necessitated action on the part of the facility’s owners. The close proximity to surrounding residential units and the lakefront, coupled with the facility’s 24/7 operating requirements, created formidable logistical challenges.

Other hurdles—including the building’s aging legacy infrastructure—only added to the complexity.

The multi-source retrofit noise abatement project required our team to utilize its full experience and expertise to develop an effective solution that would also keep the plant operational as we took steps to address the unwanted noise. Through close collaboration with the acoustic engineer engaged on the project, we developed a multi-pronged mitigation strategy that included a myriad of custom solutions ranging from acoustic barriers, custom stainless steel silencers, and mechanical acoustic enclosures.

The implementation required demolishing and refurbishing large portions of the century-old building. Major enhancements were also completed to the building’s wall and roof structures, electrical feeds, and architectural facade to seamlessly integrate the new acoustic solutions. All site detailing was completed through a state-of-the-art, long-range laser scanning process that produced a highly accurate 3D point cloud model for Parklane’s design team to work from. This resulted in virtually no fitment issues during critical periods of installation.

Substantiated through a post-installation site-wide acoustic audit, Parklane’s efforts successfully brought this troubled facility into regulatory compliance.

Overall, this was a prime example of our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, project managers, and trades professionals working in close collaboration with acoustic engineers and facility owners to deliver a seamless, innovative solution.

The Parklane Team