Family owned, team driven: Celebrating 30 years of success at Parklane

Every year is a reason to celebrate our growth here at Parklane. As we continue to innovate, build new industry partnerships and enhance the noise and vibration mitigation solutions that we deliver to our customers, we’re proud to call ourselves a homegrown, family run Canadian success story. Now, we’re approaching a very important milestone that we’ll be acknowledging across 2022: Parklane is getting ready to celebrate 30 years in business.

That makes this holiday season a particularly special one for our company. Despite recent economic volatility and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Parklane has continued to experience tremendous growth and success. It’s all made possible through our team’s hard work, incredible expertise and insights, along with their commitment to doing what it takes to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction. Needless to say, their dedication is truly inspiring. So, too, is the way they uphold our core values: reliability, accountability, respect, commitment, perseverance and collaboration.

This is also a time to celebrate the fact that we’ve built and maintained Parklane as a wholly family-owned enterprise.

A bright future ahead

If the first 30 years were exciting, we can’t wait to see what comes next—especially with the continuous expansion of our service-based noise and vibration control offerings. Our recently signed distribution partnership with Mason Industries added a dynamic new dimension to our business. We’ve long provided vibration mitigation services, but the relationship with Mason Industries affords us the ability to offer a full suite of noise and vibration control solutions.

New innovation continues to enhance every aspect of our business. Our Gravity Barrier and structure-mounted roof screen systems, for example, have become the preferred option for leaders across industries. Those clients not only require reliable solutions, but expect a turnkey noise control solution customized to their specific operational requirements.


And that customer base is rapidly expanding South of the Border. We continue to make significant investments to establish operations in the U.S. We’ve also built out extensive partner networks, adding to our long list of contacts among U.S. rep agencies, mechanical and general contractors, architects, acoustical consultants and more. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve developed the necessary operational capacity to provide a seamless service experience to our U.S.-based clients.

Over the course of the coming year we’ll be updating you on our growth in this market and others, we’ll be formally introducing you to our team members through our Meet the Parklane Team blog series and we’ll deliver an overview of the many new products and services that we have in development. Of course, we’ll also continue to deliver content designed to help you understand, assess and manage your noise and vibration control challenges.

We look forward to bringing you all that—and maybe a few added surprises—throughout 2022. Until then, we’ll take the time over the holiday season to raise a glass with our team and celebrate our successes across the Parklane family. It’s been an incredible 30 years, and as our founder Greg Downey likes to say: We’re just getting started.

Matt Downey, President