Parklane enters product partnership with Mason Industries

The past few years have been notable for the incredible growth and success here at Parklane. Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic—from workplace restrictions to supply-chain shortages—our team has rallied to continue delivering the level of outstanding service that our clients have come to expect over our nearly 30-year history. Now, we’re excited to announce another integral contributor to our growth as an organization. Parklane is now the exclusive manufacturer’s product rep for Mason Industries Inc., in the Eastern Canadian market.

The partnership offers dynamic new opportunities for our privately-owned organizations to address the evolving needs of our clients. Effective immediately, we will supply Mason Industries’ entire vibration isolation and restraint system (VIRS) line. That includes architectural, spring mount and pad, hanger, base and rail and stainless steel components.

The relationship enables Parklane to become a holistic supplier of mechanical noise control and VIRS solutions across the Eastern Canadian marketplace.

We’ve long pursued new business opportunities, and adding VIRS solutions to our product and service line was the natural next step for our company. The two offerings are entirely complementary and help us better serve our clients, who often require both product and engineering assistance when confronted with mechanical noise and vibration challenges.

The right skills and service approach

Delivering that level of service is only possible thanks to the agile engineering expertise that’s become a hallmark of our organization. Leveraging our Parklane360 delivery model, our team is dedicated to minimizing complexity while bringing budgetary certainty and detailed project management to every engagement. Rapid response and robust information sharing processes help ensure accuracy and on-time project delivery without errors.

Having that degree of skill and experience in-house allows us to make effective recommendations after conducting detailed analysis of our clients’ noise and vibration control issues, assessing everything from constructability constraints to installation logistics to ensure we provide the most effective solutions to their needs. A high degree of flexibility and an adaptive approach gives our team better sightlines across the entirety of a project, enabling us to supply componentry and engineered solutions that may go beyond the scope of our initial engagement, but which are essential to the project’s successful completion.

Perhaps most importantly, all of our solutions are fully customized to our clients’ needs. Whether we’re designing, manufacturing or installing noise and vibration mitigation componentry, our products are designed to seamlessly integrate with any on-site condition. Our new partnership with Mason Industries adds an entirely new (and exciting dimension) to that product and service offering.

Independently-run businesses built on values

While the relationship with Mason Industries enhances our service offering, it works because our organizations share similar values. We’re both independently-run businesses, built from the ground up by dedicated owner-operators who treated their customers like family, and who wouldn’t rest until the job was done right.

In Mason Industries’ case, the company was founded by the trio of Harold Harris, Tony Slota and Norman Mason. While we’ve sadly lost all three founders, their visionary leadership and focus on constant service excellence are as strong in the company today as when they launched Mason Industries more than 60 years ago. The values of integrity, hard work and ingenuity are ones that both of our companies share.

In Parklane’s case, we’d also add reliability, accountability, respect, perseverance, commitment and collaboration to that list of core values. If not for partners such as Mason Industries—along with the many product reps, contractors, acoustical consultants, manufacturers and other organizations with which we partner on a regular basis—we wouldn’t have achieved what we have today. Now, we’re excited to see what comes next.

An updated website

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t enhance our website to properly showcase our new VIRS products. As such, we’ve refreshed with an updated look and user experience, along with pages featuring our full VIRS line. We have complete product specification listings and bulletins to ensure you get the right products for your vibration control needs, without delay.

We’ve also updated our roof screen systems pages with new 3D renderings and product features, while our updated Process page more clearly outlines our Parklane360 service methodology. It’s our way of better explaining how we might be a valuable part of your next noise or vibration mitigation project. And there’s more to come.

Stay tuned for additional functionality and more informative content in the months ahead.

Matt Downey, President