VIRS Products and Solutions

Vibration Isolation and Restraint Systems

We offer a complete line of vibration isolation and seismic restraint products and engineering support services. Our turnkey delivery model enables you to focus on operating your business, leaving the vibration control challenges to us.

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In partnership with Mason Industries

As the exclusive Mason Industries product distributor for the Ontario market, we’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive VIRS product and engineering service offering available. Coupled with our core mechanical noise control services, we have the agile engineering expertise to address the full scope of your organization’s vibration control needs.

VIRS Products

Mason Industries Architectural


Isolated walls, architectural ceiling hangers, jack-up floating floors and form work and wooden floating floors

Mason Industries Spring Mounts

Spring Mounts

Unhoused and restrained spring mounts, seismic mounts and restraints, thrust restraints and air springs

Mason Industries Hangers


Swing, spring and neoprene hangers, bushings, thrust restraints, pipe expansion hangers and anchors

Mason Industries Mounts and Pads

Mounts & Pads

Mounts, pads, bushings and a wide selection of high-quality wedge jacks to meet your vibration mitigation needs


Bases & Rails

End suction, double suction, vertical and closed coupled pumps, along with centrifugal fan, tubular fan bases and rails



SAFEFLEX, MASONFLEX, VIBRAFLEX, Mercer Expansion Joints, Teflon Expansion Joints and more


Stainless Steel

From flexible hoses and expansion joints to bellows pump connectors and housed expansion and ball joints

Construction workers at site

Parklane 360—Our Service Approach

We leverage our team’s agile engineering expertise, a commitment to quality product manufacturing and a service-focused delivery model to address the full scope of sound attenuation or vibration control challenges that our clients face.

Results Focused

Whether working with industry, acoustic engineers and consultants, or contractors, we’re committed to providing turkey solutions to noise and vibration challenges—no matter the size or scope.


Our customized solutions are designed to address critical project timelines, site constraints, and customer resource limitations.


From engineering services to full-scale turnkey implementation, we’re equipped to manage your noise challenges.


Our company's success is built on quality manufacturing, engineering excellence and a highly-engaged team of professionals.

“Parklane provides high quality service and custom, thoughtful solutions – they work with you to meet your needs, not just for you. They stand behind the performance of their products. If there’s a concern, they always resolve it in a positive way – better than a guarantee. Professional and diligent. Always a pleasure to work with.”


We have the right VIRS products for your next project

Contact a member of our team now to find out how Parklane can help provide an effective, customized solution to your organization’s vibration control challenges.