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Our vibration control products include swing, spring and neoprene hangers, bushings, thrust restraints, pipe expansion hangers, pipe guides and anchors, pipe accessories and seismic bracing components.

30° Swing and Spring Hangers

Our high-qualify swing and spring hangers are designed to provide maximum support across a wide range of mechanical and industrial applications. Designed with flexibility, piping load and displacement range in mind, our hangers offer a versatile solution for your next vibration-control project.

Spring Hangers

Whether utilized to satisfy variable or constant spring support requirements, our spring hangers are carefully-crafted for structural durability—no matter the application or environmental condition in which they’re deployed.

Spring and Neoprene Hangers

Our spring and neoprene hangers are designed with a focus on versatility, flexibility and durability. Most importantly, our expansive product line offers a hanger solution for virtually every vibration-control specification.  

Neoprene Hangers

Our neoprene hangers are designed to provide comprehensive vibration isolation across industrial applications such as suspended mechanical componentry, where a high degree of vibration tends to create system-wide challenges. Built to last, our hangers can be used in virtually any environmental condition.


Our bushings are built to minimize vibration between components, while allowing movement as needed to ensure proper functionality of a component or a larger mechanical system. Their design is intended to provide the maximum degree of flexibility and reliability, ensuring you can achieve the goals of your vibration-control project.  

Thrust Restraints

Our thrust restraints consist of a spring element in series with a neoprene molded cup, with the same deflection as specified for our mountings and hangers. The assembly is furnished with a single rod and angle brackets for attachment to both the equipment and the ductwork or the equipment and the structure. All of our thrust restraints are intended for attachment at the centerline of thrust and symmetrical on either side of the unit.

Pipe Expansion Hangers

Our HES Hangers are intended for installation at riser suspension points to control load shifts as the riser expands or contracts. Their higher initial deflection and travel capability ensures proper functionality and complete reliability, no matter the vibration control specification.  

Pipe Guides and Anchors

Our multi-directional acoustical pipe anchors utilize two sizes of steel tubing separated by a minimum 1/2” (13mm) thickness of 60 Duro or softer neoprene. All of our anchors are type ADA as per Mason Industries manufacturing specifications.  

Pipe Accessories

Seismic Bracing

Our versatile seismic bracing products can be used across a wide range of applications including piping, duct work and more. Built for performance and designed with durability and quality in mind, they provide a reliable solution where vibration restraints are required.

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