Workers install noise control equipment on top of a building

Update: Parklane’s COVID-19 business continuity strategy

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our priority here at Parklane has been ensuring the health and safety of our clients, team and the many partners and stakeholders with whom we work on a daily basis. We have continued to safely keep our workplace fully operational throughout this coronavirus pandemic due to the focus and hard work of our employees, as well as the quick implementation and maintenance of strict protocols focused on mitigating the transmission of COVID-19 in our workplace.

Much has been learned about the COVID-19 virus since March, while the government’s approach to containing the illness has evolved. What hasn’t changed is our team’s dedication to servicing our clients by sustaining full production, engineering and fabrication output. We’ve managed to adhere to our fulfillment schedule with the help of a series of advanced safety measures customized to our specific operational needs, then carefully implemented across our organization. 

Now, as caseloads increase across the province and government agencies respond by escalating risk-level classifications for various municipalities, our COVID Response Team is taking corresponding action. We are ramping up advanced measures reminiscent of those implemented in March, 2020, at the start of the crisis. They are designed to keep our production facility operational and our engineering team at full capacity to ensure we can meet committed deliverable schedules and project-completion deadlines if the situation continues to escalate in the weeks ahead.

Parklane remains ready, willing and able to meet its existing and future business commitments, and our COVID Response Plan ensures that we will continue to do so as the situation evolves.

No matter the hurdles that lie ahead, we look forward to collaborating with our clients and industry partners as we work to solve their noise-control challenges.

Stay safe and be well.

Matt Downey, President and CEO