Introducing Octave 3: Elevating Noise and Vibration Control Product Delivery

Parklane Mechanical Acoustics is thrilled to announce the launch of our new branded division, Octave 3, dedicated to delivering engineered noise and vibration control products from the industries most trusted providers. Octave3 represents our commitment to product solutions that fit your business, aimed at shortening the supply chain and increasing operational efficiencies with engineered products done right and delivered on time.

As a renowned leader in acoustical engineering and noise control, Parklane has established its legacy for over three decades, and now we are taking our expertise to the next level. Octave3 is set to revolutionize the market by offering high-quality, standardized noise and vibration control products designed to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers and mechanical contractors.

Why Octave3?

Octave 3 specializes in providing products that cater to the most intricate noise and vibration challenges. Our dedicated team of engineers and experts is well-equipped to offer superior advice on how to create the product mix you need precisely when you need it, ensuring your projects are on time and within budget.

What Octave3 Offers:

  • Comprehensive Vibration Solutions: With an exclusive partnership with Mason Industries products in Eastern Canada, Octave3 can offer a wider range of Vibration Isolation and Restraint Systems (VIRS) than anyone else, rounding us out as the most comprehensive noise and vibration solutions provider available.
  • Trusted Airborne Noise Control Products: Parklane will now offer its line of ASTM-tested noise control products (i.e. HVAC silencers, acoustic panel, and acoustic louvers) exclusively through Octave3.
  • Expert Engineering: Our experienced engineering team provides noise and vibration mitigation expertise to support those designing packaged or modular mechanical systems, helping achieve unparalleled acoustic performance.
  • Standardized Product Packages: Let us work with you to design tailored packages of engineered products, simplifying manufacturing, installation, and supply chain management.
  • Exceptional Client Service:  Your success is our priority. Our dedicated team works closely with you from inception to completion, ensuring your project is a resounding success

With Octave3, you can trust that your noise and vibration challenges will be answered with precision, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Our products not only meet industry standards but redefine them.

Octave3 is another step towards Parklane’s vision of revolutionizing the noise and vibration control industry,” said Matt Downey, CEO of Parklane Mechanical Acoustics. “The creation of Octave3 allows us to effectively delineate our engineered product offerings from Parklane’s service-based business model. The result is a focused effort towards clients requiring standardized, reliable products, from those that require a complete turnkey, custom solution. We are excited to bring our signature quality and expertise to a broader audience and set a new standard for the industry.”

For inquiries, quotes, or to learn more about Octave3, please visit our website at or contact us at

Join us in welcoming Octave3 to the Parklane family, and all the new ways Octave3 will allow us to mitigate your noise and vibration control challenges and provide effective solutions that set a new standard of excellence.